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Putting the ’Zing’ in AmaZing…

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Some of you may know me as founder of Dreams, or maybe through The Clare Foundation, or possibly a variety of other organisations, committees, companies and investments I find myself involved in nowadays. However, my current passion is property.

Clarenco is the holding company for various property divisions... Commercial (e.g. Dreams Head Office!), Residential (Beaconsfield Executive Homes) and Estates (Country Manor Estates) but by far the most interesting and exciting is AmaZing Venues.

Most of these incredible properties were rescued from various states of disrepair and we have lovingly renovated and refurbished them almost beyond recognition...

Our Venues are all iconic and unique, each with their own character and charm. They are also far removed from ordinary, ‘run of the mill’ hotels…

We generate revenue from 'Exclusive Use' Private Parties for any type of celebration, spectacular Weddings and our of this world Corporate Events. We also regularly run our own AmaZing Themed Events where we like to do things a little bit differently.

Our aim is to be different and professional in everything we do….we are certainly very proud of what we have achieved so far! Who else can say they have Castles in Scotland, a Benedictine Abbey in Worcestershire, a Chateau in Anglesey and 3 historic Sea Forts in the Solent?

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I hope you get to experience one of our AmaZing Venues soon….(our name says it all!)

Mike Clare
Founder & Executive Chairman

Clarenco control an £80m property portfolio that includes...

AmaZing Venues
Edinburgh Lodges
AmaZing Venues
Beaconsfield Executive Homes
Country Manor Estates